You Are Cordially Invited...

April 8, 2016

Last weekend I was out running a few errands. I stopped by a local market for my new favorite bread. My sister makes wonderful bread. I thought of her and decided to get an extra baguette to share.

On my way home I went by Kim’s house. I didn’t call. I just dropped by.

When I arrived her car was in the garage. So was my brother-in-law’s truck. It was a sunny afternoon so I assumed they would be sitting on their back patio. They weren’t, so I let myself in the backdoor of their home. I didn’t hear anyone milling around. I called out their names. I didn’t shout because my sister often has one of her granddaughters and I thought that one of them might be napping. Nothing. No reply. Perhaps, she was taking a walk?

I dialed her phone.

She was actually at my mother’s house. So was her husband. Their granddaughter, Piper, was having a sleepover with her Nana (my mom) so Kim and Rocky, on a whim, walked over for a short visit.

Kim invited me to join them. I did. We had a lively chat, a bit of laughter and a glass of wine before I headed home.

Later, I was telling my husband about pieces of the conversation at Mom’s and he said, “That’s funny. Kim was there. Rocky was there. Piper was there. Everyone was invited but me.” I said, “No, Beau, we all just showed up.”

Hmmm, this is a little metaphor for life, huh?

There is an invitation to a baby shower and an engagement party on our refrigerator. I’ve got e-vites for a birthday party and another for a  night of music. Those are all things we have to be asked to attend.

But life?….Life is party with an open invitation. Living an exciting, wonderful life…a happy life only requires that we show up, make ourselves available, and be present! Easy peasy. No formalities and no RSVP required. The only thing you have to bring is an open mind,  a positive attitude… and YOU.

“And every single day comes loaded with its own brand new and exciting experiences.”
~Mike Dooley, Author and Adventurer

Waiting for an invitation to participate and enjoy life is like expecting to win the lottery when you don’t buy tickets. It isn’t going to happen.

“You have not only the right but the duty to be happy and successful.”
~Norman Vincent Peale

People make all kinds of excuses not to show up for the joyful experiences that fashion a happy life. “It’s too late.” “It’s too far.” “It’s a weekday.” “I don’t know anyone.” “No one asked me.” “It cost too much.” “I’m too tired.” “She won’t let me.” “It’s not a good day.” “I don’t have time.” “I’m afraid.”

Finding joy is your job. Come on! Be an over-achiever!

I know the timing isn’t always right. The first New Years party invitation I accepted after Brittany passed… was too soon. I should have said no. I wasn’t ready for cocktail conversations or strangers. I stayed most of the night in the host’s laundry room cuddling their young puppy! I don’t think I was even missed.

…..and that’s what happens. If you don’t join the party, it carries on without you.

I know people who always say “No”. It’s their go-to answer. But what if the invitations stop coming because they never say “Yes”?

If you’ve been feeling alone or left out, could you, would you entertain a new perception~look at life from a different perspective? “Open yourself to the possibility of feeling your world differently?  Invite yourself over? What if YOU just showed up?

I believe all the surprising little moments that we allow ourselves to enjoy all add up to a life well lived.

“Wonder comes from a new perception. ~ Deepak Chopra

We don’t have to wait for an invitation to live our best life, but if you need one consider this your virtual invitation! Will you please, pretty please, come out to play? Life is waiting for you!!! Come on.  Have fun. Enjoy. The door is open.

In the words of Mike Marchev, Author, Sales and Motivational speaker~

“Get Up! Get Out! And Make More People Glad They Know You.”