Making Room

June 30, 2016

Yesterday I woke to thunder, lightning and driving rain. The outside conditions mirrored the storm I was feeling inside.

Change is in the air. I can feel it.

When I gathered my books and turned the pages of my calendars, there were messages for me.

“Ironically, had it not been for every disappointment, set back, and detour in the road of your life, you wouldn’t have come so far. ~ The Universe (Mike Dooley; T.U.T, Notes from the Universe)

Then there was a post that read; “Growth is painful. Change is painful…..”

Hmmm. Growth and change. Is that what’s happening?

Someone who has become an important part of my life is moving forward on her path. I wish she could stay, but I understand. I will miss her. Yet, I know that all things come and go. I have to flow with the changes.

I believe the uneasy, uncomfortable feeling inside my mind and my body is my intuition telling me not to worry. Another door is opening; be patient ~ have faith.

“For the most part information that is accessible to intuition makes its presence known by making us feel uncomfortable, depressed and anxious….intuitive sensations signal that we have reached a crossroads in our lives and that we have an opportunity to influence the next stage of our lives, at least to some degree, through the choices we make now.” Caroline Myss says, in Anatomy of the Spirit.

My choice is to make room. I don’t know what’s coming, but I need to make room…and be aware of what unfolds.

I’ve had an overwhelming desire to rearrange furniture. In my office, I’ve moved desks, purged papers and discarded anything that I no longer need. Brochures and boxes all have new homes. The clutter I’ve been tolerating is gone.

I have to make room; space for something ,or someone, new in my life.

My husband and I had to move furniture from our little condo this weekend so someone new can move in. Hmmm.
I wonder if what I’m doing outside matches what’s going on inside of me? Is it possible that rearranging furniture and discarding clutter is also clearing space in my creative mind or in my heart for something new?

Holy crap! As I was writing this page, I was unaware that my husband was dismantling the bed in Brittany’s room. We’re bringing a newer, larger bed home from the condo. When Beau was finished taking the mattress, boxspring and frame downstairs he looked at the pieces by the door and said, “That feels weird.” I looked up from my computer and I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or tears running down his cheek.

I began to cry. The waterworks from my own eyes took me by surprise.

My mind began racing and my heart pounded frantically in my chest. I’m giving away my daughter’s bed! I didn’t even think about it when we agreed where we would put the things from our condo. That’s Brittany’s bed!

Then I recalled the message she sent through a medium when I moved her furniture around for the very first time, two years after she left us. She said that she loved what I had done with her room. I felt a sense of peace, and I heard Brittany Hope say, “It’s okay, Mom. It’s just a bed. You’ve got to make room. You know you have to make some room.”

Beau and I noticed a car pass us this morning on our walk. The license plate was Psalm 25. I looked it up and smiled as I read, “In you, God, I put my trust.”

“It’s okay. It’s always okay,” I hear my soul whisper over and over. I don’t know how this change is going to help me grow. I just trust that it will ~ so I’m making room.

If you’re feeling frightened, scared or uncomfortable, maybe something new is pushing you to make a space in your life, in your heart; room for growth, something new….something better?

“Not all who wander are lost.”…..Bon Voyage Susan!