Memories of the Big Apple

August 19, 2016

The first day of August marked the 31st anniversary of the birth of my first born, Brittany Hope. I thought it would be fun to celebrate her by posting a picture each day of the month; 31 years over 31 days!

I’ve been pulling out photos from all of the little spaces I have stashed them over time. I told my aunt they were in a vault. The truth is, they are in drawers, closets, cupboards and bins!

It been fun looking back over the years and remembering the moment each photo was taken; where we were, who we were with and what we were celebrating.

This photo was taken in New York City. My mother and I took Ryan and Brittany on a Winter weekend to see the sights and sounds uniquely New York.

On a whim, after a long day of walking, we decided to splurge on a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. The sun was fading. It was something I expected to be magical and a big take home memory for my children.

Brittany Hope liked “pretty” things.

When we queued up for our carriage, Brittany spied the bedazzled carriage and handsome horse she wanted to carry us.

I approached the line of carriages and explained that my daughter would really like to ride in THAT one, and I pointed.

“That’s not how it works, lady. You take the team at the front.”

Heavy sigh! This was not okay with Britt. She wanted THAT horse and buggy.

She was a…shall we say..determined young lady! The buggy driver beckoning us was NOT the one she wanted and she insisted on taking the one she had mentally chosen.

I tried to explain the rules, but she wasn’t having it and she wasn’t quiet about it either.

I had a perfect teaching moment about following the rules, being fair, not always getting what we want and minding our manners…..oh, jeez. Those are not the things I would teach her today.

It became a battle of our wills. She WAS getting in that dang one up front and she was going to be happy about it!

Today, I would have given her choices and been more playful. We were supposed to be having fun. I wish I knew then, what I know now. Today I would tell her….

We could be creative~ “ We’ll politely walk away and dash back to the line as our horse draws near. “(I should mention there was no one behind us or we would have let them go ahead. That would have been so easy.)

We could use our imagination; “Let’s get in and pretend we’re in the most beautiful carriage of all. Cinderella’s coach was just a pumpkin you know!”

Or I could have taught her compassion; “All of the horses want to be loved. The one at the front really needs us right now.”

I wish I was ,then ,who I am now.

“If wishes were horses…..”

I wondered where that expression originated so I Googled it! (gotta love that info at our finger tips) It’s from an old collection of Scottish proverbs.

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

One of the sites said it meant, “If one could readily have what one wanted, life would be easy.”


That’s my wish for you. I hope you have everything you want in life and that it is just so easy.

“If wishes were horses,” you’d be by my side, Ms. Brittany Hope Bishop…..

You were then and I really do love this picture.