Unexpected Blessings

November 11, 2014

I own the Travel Leaders agency in Charlottesville, Virginia.  One of the companies I work closely with, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, offers to wrap your vehicle if you drive a more recent model, but a couple of years ago Sandals eased up. They offered to wrap cars regardless of the model year.  I was driving an eight year old silver mini van and thought it might be a perfect opportunity to create a great big rolling billboard!  I picked scenes I liked and placed the order.

On the hood there is a scene with two lounge chairs under an umbrella with clear blue Caribbean water lapping gently over them.  The passenger side of my van is a pretty couple in their bathing suits, holding hands while walking down a broad, sugar-white sand beach.  The back says “Just Married!” and pictures newlyweds being whisked away on a small boat.  The drivers side is my favorite.  There are four children’s faces, grinning from ear to ear, donning snorkel gear on top of their heads. They are adorable.

You can’t miss me coming and I never lose my car in a parking lot! I have to be a courteous driver or it wouldn’t be good advertising! People often comment in parking lots about how happy my car makes them feel.  The really fun part is when I’m sitting at a stop light and glance to my left.  Other drivers and their passengers are inevitably smiling at me~or it feels like they are smiling at me.  Then I remember they, too, are enjoying the children’s’ sunny smiles.

Simple joys and blessings come wrapped in all kinds of packages. I HOPE you find something unexpected to make you put on a great big Cheshire grin today!