The Only Voice That Matters

April 22, 2016

Do you do something that you love doing?

I go out for a pre-dawn walk, then I snuggle back up on top of my bed with books….and I write what’s in my heart.

My husband thinks I’m wasting time. He continuously asks me why. Why do I have this website? Why do I write these messages? Who do I think reads them? Why does it matter?

I don’t have an answer.

Then something reminds me. …..

I have a pendant in the shape of a starfish. Several years ago one of my clients admired it and asked me if I knew the starfish story. I didn’t, so he gave me a short version of a piece written by Loren Eiseley, called The Star Thrower.

One day, after a huge storm, a man was walking down the beach. There were thousands of starfish washed ashore. The beach was covered with them. In the distance the man sees a child throwing something into the sea. As he approaches the child he realizes he is tossing starfish back into the ocean. “Boy, what are you doing?”, the man asked. “Saving the starfish!” replied the child. The man tells the child he can’t save them all, so why does it matter. The child pondered for a moment, looked down at the starfish in his hand and answered, “Well, it matters to this one.” and he pitched it back to the “welcoming sea”.

A couple of weeks ago I found a wrapped package tenderly placed at the front door of my office. I opened the card. The handwritten message was beautiful. It made me cry~sweet tears. I unwrapped the paper. Inside was a decoupage on canvas with flowers, a wee bird perched on a woman’s finger and the words, “Make a little garden out of life.” The gift was a thank you for sharing what this kind person said she knew were “heart felt” messages.

Life is stormy sometimes.

When I receive a comment, see the blog was “shared” on Facebook or someone tells me they look forward to reading my email.……I know I may have lifted up just one person.

That’s my answer. What comes from our heart is called love. Love.

Yes, I believe it matters.

Listen to your heart. It’s the only voice that matters.