October 28, 2014

In 1995 my father, Gordon McNulty, passed away at the age of 60. Seven years later, our daughter, Brittany Hope, followed weeks before her 17th birthday. Those two chapters of my life brought my world to a screeching halt. The forced “slow down” during those years taught me the value and blessing of silence. Quiet mornings and slow meditative walks are essential centering moments for me. I don’t feel the need to rush and hurry. I choose to linger and savor each day. I realized so many “things” I was doing didn’t really enrich my life. It’s so easy to rush and get caught up in multi-tasking or trying to keep up with a world that keeps moving faster and faster. It takes concentrated effort to focus on what is truly important… and slow down to enjoy the gift of life. I think the words from White Eagle sum it up beautifully….”When your tasks seem a little heavy and overwhelming remember to do one thing at a time quietly, and leave the rest because the rest is not your job. What you cannot get through you must hand back to God and He will work it out for you.” Doesn’t that just make you take a deep breath and give yourself permission to sit quietly for a minute?

I HOPE you have a great week. Take three long, deep breathes when your head is spinning with “what’s next?”…..and hand back what’s just too much today! You deserve it.