My Wish for You

December 24, 2014

While out on my morning walk with my sweet Riley one day, I bumped into a friend who celebrated her birthday the day before. I asked her if she had enjoyed the day. Her face beamed with delight and with a great big grin on her face she said, “Kellie, there is one word that comes to mind; kindness.” She went on to explain that everyone, from the 2nd graders she teaches to her friends and family were all so kind to her.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning and reflect on the previous day with wonder and delight about the kindness you received and the kindness you extended to everyone you met?

My friend, Sharon Campbell-Rayment, who I’ll introduce you to in February, shares a calming technique she calls her A.P.B. Be AWARE, PAUSE, BREATHE.

During this hectic holiday season, put out an APB for your best self….

Be Aware…… of how you’re treating everyone you meet
Pause…… to make sure you are present and appreciating each moment
Breathe…..relax and ENJOY!

My that you’ll be kind, calm, appreciate something good in everyone you come in contact with and feel completely at peace tonight with what you brought to the table today! Mmmm…that feels good!

What a perfect gift! Happy Holidays!