Keep Moving Forward...

December 9, 2014

I visited Australia several years ago. In Sydney we scheduled a half day sightseeing tour with a small local company. The driver/guide narrated as we toured the sights. One of the unexpected highlights was stopping in a park overlooking the sea, where our guide set up a picnic table then served us tea and the traditional sponge cake called Lamington. While we were chatting over our treats I noticed a choker he had on. It was a pewter silhouette of a kangaroo on a black leather cord. I admired it and asked if he minded sharing where I might purchase one for myself. He kindly directed me to a hotel gift shop in the harbor. I purchased my own later the same day.

I learned that the kangaroo has not officially been adopted as the national animal of Australia, but it is a symbol that has come to be recognized by most of us around the world as a representation of that country. The intriguing fact is that a kangaroo can’t walk backwards. It’s can only move forward. Hmmm. What a nice metaphor for a happy and productive life, huh? Always moving forward.

I apologize for not posting anything last week. I was traveling and every moment was filled with meetings and scheduled events. I was at a travel industry trade show that was new for me and I didn’t realize how full the days and nights would be. I was fully immersed in the experience and didn’t have the opportunity to post a blog or put up a video. I need a lot of morning quiet to hear what my heart wants to say. I simply didn’t have that quiet time. I could be harsh and disappointed in myself, but that feels so yucky. Instead I chose to be a kangaroo. Now I’m familiar with the event and know to prepare my messages before I go next year. I can’t go backward to change what happened last week. I’m moving forward.

Imagine if we erased words like guilt, disappointment, worry and regret from our vocabularies (and our minds) and replaced them with love, anticipation, HOPE and happiness (or at least satisfaction!) Don’t those words just feel better?

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” Alex Noble

What if we all kick the should have, could have, might have statements we make to ourselves and others? No more “one step forward, two steps back”. No regrets. I vote to move forward, to live in the moment, to make better choices today and only glance over my shoulder to remember the joyful pieces of yesterday. How does that feel?

Be kind to yourself today. Let the past go if it doesn’t serve your happiness. Move forward in joyful anticipation (when you’re ready). You’re here for a reason. There is something wonderful ahead.

Live like a kangaroo!