I Know, I Know, I Know!

May 28, 2015

I was reading a funny story the other day. It was about a man trying to teach his young son how to drive. As he imparted his wisdom and many years of experience, he kept getting the response, “I know”. Becoming enormously frustrated, the author said, “Combine I know with an eye-roll and there was cause to immediately dial 911”! Oh my gosh, I completely understand that feeling.

We want to share what we know to make someone else’s life a little easier and they blow us off with “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know”. Well if you KNOW why aren’t you doing it? Knowledge is so powerful… If you use what you know!

Hmm, time for a bit of reflection in Kellie’s World. I’m thinking about what I know how to do and just don’t do. I know if I read the instructions before I begin to assemble something I won’t have a bunch of left over washers and screws… But I don’t do it. I know how to lose weight; drink more water, eat fewer calories and get more exercise. I’m not doing it. I know if I was organized I’d save myself a lot of time not having to search for things. Not doing it! I know if I wrote down my goals and looked at them every day I’d be planting the seeds for success in my subconscious mind. Yep, someone has been telling me that for a long time and I know it’s a great idea. I know if I really know something I should be able to teach it to another person…

So, this week our young houseguest, Mikayla, and I have started a 30 day plan. Goals on paper? Check! Being accountable to each other? Check! Doing something on my list every day? Check! Giving myself a little “way to go, Kel”? Check! My goals and the steps necessary to move toward them had been roaming wildly in my mind. I had to corral them, put them in order. Wow! Why didn’t I do that sooner?

I had to organize my mind first. I knew that! The closets and drawers are next. I’ll start on the weight thing soon!

When you’ve solicited someone else’s advice, how many times do you find yourself shaking your head up and down as if to say, I know, I know, I know? Is there anything you really want to make happen, anything you want to do in your life that you know how to do, but you just aren’t doing?

The author of that article I was talking about, Mike Marchev, made this brilliant statement that I think I’ll put on my desk…

“The point is doing what you know. The issue is practicing what you know. The solution is benefiting from what you know.”

You know what I mean?!

I’d love to hear from you.