From Near-Death to Full Light

October 26, 2015

Have you had a time in your life that felt like it was the end? Have you felt as close to death as you’ve ever been? While it might not be what most people think of as a near-death experience, I know there are painful times in our life when we all check out for a bit.

“Researchers have used the term ‘near-death experience’ to refer to any experience of clinically dead persons who return to life, any experiences of individuals who are judged to be near death, and any similar experience that leads to personal transformation, whether or not the individual was near death.” (Smith, 1991)

My own near-death experience began on July 16th, 2002.  At the moment I was told my daughter, Brittany Hope, was the only one who did not survive in a one car accident. I could no longer feel the beat of my heart, find my breath or use my mind. I could no longer FEEL anything.

I didn’t appreciate what an absolute miracle our bodies are until years later. Everything I needed to survive was on autopilot. My brain kept sending the necessary messages to my heart, lungs and body while I was completely numb.

It’s amazing, a miracle really. I didn’t recognize or appreciate the “little” things like this that now fill me with so much gratitude and… wonder. “Wonder is a belief in what can be possible. Wonder is an imagining and a seeing, and a process of expression of the senses, when one is benefited from an image, a miracle, a thought that is so wonder-full that all one can do is express wonder in the face of it.”  an excerpt from I Am The Word, by Paul Selig

I didn’t know that through my near-death experience, I would discover the beauty of life or my purpose.

“There’s a reason you chose Earth, exactly when you did, as exactly who you are, with those already in your life and those who soon will be. To be an example, to shine your light and to give hope.” T.U.T.

Seriously! What a perfect message today…”be an example (evidence that it will get better), shine your light (for someone else) and share a little hope.”  That is my purpose, my soul purpose for creating

YOU are a miracle with your own unique gifts, your own beautiful light. Shine, shine, shine!

I am so grateful for YOU and wish you the wonder of finding Happy, Optimistic Possibilities Everyday (HOPE)!

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With heartfelt appreciation,