8185 BBC

March 4, 2016

Do you ever feel like something is going on and is calling your attention? You don’t really understand what’s happening, but you can feel there is something.

When you have a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or tea, a few minutes to spare… and you are ready for a story…may I share mine?

In the early Spring, 2014, I met a woman who was visiting Virginia from California. She had fallen in love with a man here. He wanted his friends to meet her. I immediately felt a connection and told her I would hire her in my travel agency when she moved to the area.

All reason said I didn’t have the money, blah, blah blah. I just knew she needed to be here. Her name is Susan.

Susan moved to Virginia that August and came to work with me right away. In December of the same year I went to Cannes, France for a business conference. While I was away Susan checked my office emails. She was deleting anything I didn’t need and forwarding what I might want to read. My internet access was limited and my agenda was packed so I didn’t open many messages.

During the conference I was talking, after hours, to a young man. He was a representative for a luxury cruise line. We were chatting about life. He said, do you know Helen from?…and he told me the hotel chain she represented. I did not. He insisted that I needed to go to her booth and introduce myself, ”not because you’re in travel, just because you’re kindred spirits”.

My curiosity was peaked. I visited her booth 3 times over the next 24 hours but never had the opportunity to meet her. She was in a meeting or away each time I dropped by. I left my business card and the name of the person who had sent me in search of her.

Fast forward, I’m at the Paris Airport for my return flight home. I open an email from Susan; “OMG, Kellie. This email is from my sister-in-law!” Helen, who lives in Dubai, is Susan’s sister-in-law. Susan was forwarding a message from her own sister-in-law. That was a Whoa! moment. What are the chances? What a coincidence.

I relayed this story to another lady I met through a contact at the same conference. She told me one of her favorite book series was by an author Squire Rushnell. His book, When God winks; How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life begins with these definitions……

A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

To give a signal or express a message. ~American Heritage Dictionary

God Wink
A personal signal or message, directly from a higher power, usually, but not always, in the form of a coincidence. ~ The author

I was quite certain we had experienced a God wink.

Last Summer Susan finally went to register her car in Virginia and trade her California license plates for Virginia plates. I had never looked at her plates. For some reason the week before last I glanced at the tag as I passed her car. Look at the picture above. The license plate reads….
8185 BBC

8185 ~Brittany’s date of birth August 1, 1985
BBC ~don’t know what the C is, but BB…..Brittany Bishop
“C” could be a lot of words that come to mind.
Jul 16 ~ that’s the month and year the plate was issued in the upper corners. Brittany, my daughter, died July 16th. Susan’s birthday is also July 16th

I had no idea what this great big heavenly wink meant, yet it was clearly a personaI message.

I sent an email to a gifted medium, also a friend, and shared these stories. I wondered what she thought “the message” was. What do these winks mean?

Her response was~
“wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
That’s all I have to say!!!Kellie….”

I smiled at her message and then pressed, “I know. I know this is big. But what’s the message? !!!!”

Her return email simply said, “Put your hand on your heart…and let her give you the answer to that…

A few weeks ago, a sweet lady commented on one of my blogs. She said, “I feel like your daughter lives inside of you, giving you the strength to help others. She is definitely guiding you….giving you that “a-ha” moment to shift your energy and create what you have today.”

I replied, “I, too, believe Brittany and I are co-creators in this project.” (sharing H.O.P.E)

Driving out of my neighborhood, on my way to work yesterday, I followed my friend’s instructions. I put my hand on my heart and whispered my question.

The answer I heard was this. “I just wanted you to know you’re right, Mom. That is me, my love, you feel in your heart.I knew you needed something really big so you’d know it was from me. I am a Leo after all! I needed you to know the message was from me. I love you and I’m with you always. Everything is going to be okay. Keep believing, keep trusting, keep going….you’re headed in the right direction. I knew you needed a sign!”

In front of me, as I approached the roundabout, was a Sunset Orange Pearl Honda Element …exactly what Susan drives. Not another car in sight. Then again, just before I arrived at my office, another Honda Element the same color pulled in front of me. I don’t know how popular that color is, but seeing them both right after I heard that message felt like giant exclamation points!

I want to share Britt’s message with you. Keep believing. Keep trusting. Keep going. Connections are unfolding. Everything is going to be okay!

I don’t know what questions you’re asking today. Maybe if you put your hand on your heart and listen you’ll hear the answer? I hope you do.

With love,

P.S. Susan gave me her permission to share these “coincidences”. We both know something greater is at work here. We’ve taught one another much and are thoroughly enjoying our connection!