It’s Not Broken… Anymore

It’s Not Broken… Anymore
November 25, 2015 QuickFix

A couple of weeks ago I had a vague nagging feeling that I just couldn’t pin point. There was a sense of being disconnected. I didn’t invest a lot of energy or attention. I was just aware. Something wasn’t quite “right’.  Does that ever happen to you?

In what seemed to be completely unrelated, I reached out to my fabulous technology gurus to verify that my messages were being funneled into my personal Gmail account. Then, for some reason, I sent myself a message to that address. Nothing showed up in my mailbox. Uh oh, something’s BE-O-KIN….that was how a little girl my niece used to babysit said the word broken. That memory flashes across my mind whenever I say the word!

I thought this was an easy fix for my team of web managing magicians until I got an email that began, “I deeply apologize that we’ve not been able to get this resolved for you….”. Behind the scenes apparently something was, indeed, be-o-kin.

The good news is that it’s fixed. That email went on for 8 paragraphs describing the apparent sequence of events that led to the disconnect. In an attempt to protect my site and provide the ultimate in security, changes in platforms, etc. etc. etc… Unfortunately, I don’t know when the connection stopped working and I cannot retrieve all of my messages 🙁

If you have sent me an email and I did not reply, I am sooo sorry! PLEASE send or resend me your message. I truly want to connect with you!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the United States. Thanksgiving is for giving (forgiving?). Please forgive me for not noticing my computer glitch sooner!

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is also the beginning of a long, often frantic Holiday Season.

This morning as I was beginning to wake, the words “predicable pattern” kept running around my brain. I remember teachers used predicable pattern books to teach my children to read, but I had no idea why I would be thinking about that in this moment. The words stayed with me when I awoke and I’m quite certain they were a message about something else.

As we approach the holiday, I want to ask if you will fall into the predictable pattern of rushing, stressing, over-committing, over-spending and, ultimately, being disconnected from the Spirit of the holidays?

Or I wonder if this is a time of the year when you, personally, might be feeling broken? When I was broken, heartbroken, I actually ran. I went to faraway places to try to escape the traditions of the season and the devastating feeling, the knowing, they would never be the same for me. If you need to do that, I want you to know that it’s okay. No shame. No blame. No guilt. Promise me! Do what you need to do. You are not really broken, although that might seem difficult to believe right now. You are temporarily disconnected.. until your healing begins. It will begin. Be kind and patient with yourself.

“The tests of life are not to break you but to make you.”   Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

I choose to believe there was a gift in my little email “problem”. It gave me this opportunity to share my heartfelt wishes that you will find comfort and joy and the true spirit of this season…LOVE. That’s what I’m sending.

I give thanks, I am Thanks-Giving, for my connection with you.

“My deepest beliefs unite me with others.”
Centering Thought from Day 19, Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation

Counting my blessings,

The sun is shining and there is always H.O.P.E


  1. Laura 3 years ago

    There must have been something in the energetic field because I felt this as well and Day 19 of Chopra Meditation Centre was my all time favour of this 22 days of reconnecting with myself and knowing I am a part of something huge.

  2. Valerie E 3 years ago

    I just love the idea of a treasure box that holds cards and letters that remind us we are worthy and loved! Will be starting one and sharing with others. May God bless you this holiday season Kellie. I can only imagine how hard it is to be without your child. May you experience peace and joy.

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