September 23, 2014 QuickFix

This weekend I was chatting with a friend about happiness; finding it, feeling it and owning it. Others might increase our joy, but they can’t find it, make us feel it or give it to us. It is an inside job! I told her, “I don’t wake up with a smile on my face. I consciously choose to put one on. Then I think of reasons to keep it there all day long.” It’s easier to really FEEL happy when you’re wearing a smile and saying “thank you” for every little thing.

My great niece, Piper, stopped in my office today. She’s only 3 years old. I love the way she says my name. It’s more like “Keddie”, but it sounds so sweet coming from this little person who is just so tickled with herself.

I keep props within sight, too, like this pretty little rose quartz heart I received from a friend.

You deserve happiness! I HOPE you’re feeling it in your world.

Thank you for being today.


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