Angels on Earth

Angels on Earth
September 16, 2014 QuickFix

One evening, two years after Brittany’s accident, I was having dinner with some women on my husband’s side of the family. This was an unusual gathering. We didn’t often see each other. My husband’s cousin, whom I had only met a couple of times, was directly across from me. While everyone around us was engaged in conversation, she looked at me and sweetly said, “Your angel is always with you, isn’t she?” I told her I thought she was. She went on, “I have a message for you. She loves what you’ve done with her room.” A big smile came across her face and a single tear ran down mine. Nothing had changed in Brittany’s room…until that week. I had moved her bed and replaced her comforter with something bright and new. No one, including Beau and Ryan, knew that except me! I recalled that family members told me this cousin was an intuitive. I hadn’t ever given it a thought. This was the beginning of my healing. I received a message from Heaven! They say a broken heart is an open heart. An open heart and open mind have allowed me to receive even more messages, which opened a whole new world to me.

Yesterday morning, one of my clients strolled through my office door with a smile. He gave me a gift. It was a book he had written and published in 2011. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and looked forward to opening the pages when I went home in the evening.

When I’m given a book by someone, especially complete strangers who seemingly recommend one out of the clear blue sky, I pay attention. I open it with wonder and usually find the reason I’ve gotten the book in short order.

I met a lady on Sunday evening. Last night she sent me an email. In it she wrote, “– PS..I’m intuitive and I do work with the “other side” and I got this message that I think is for you from Brittany. She said “Shar is with me now” or Sher…I debated long and hard to share this because of all the obvious reasons (like looking like a fool) but she kept urging me on.”

When I opened the book I received earlier in the day from my client, my heart leapt. On the first page, these words jumped out to meet me, “Well, if it isn’t Shirel!”.

I wrote back to the intuitive and asked if she thought that might be the name. “Yes it could be Shirel. I couldn’t quite make it the sound of Shar or Sher but Shir makes perfect sense to me.”

I then read these words, abbreviated…”Why have you written this?” In reply, “….they will come to know the joy that I have known.” Synchronicity? Coincidence? Message from Heaven? What do you think? I’m choosing a message from Heaven in Kellie’s world!

I can’t wait to really read the book. I know that I’m supposed to write this page and read this book in it’s entirety. More to come…..

Mmmmm….I love the messages I receive when I’m listening, really listening. I’m so very grateful. I HOPE you receive a special gift today. too! Stay open to wonder!


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